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Boom Boom!

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The Boom Band CD Release

The Boom Band CD Release

The Boom Band & other assorted stuff..

It’s been a little while since I posted on here & for that I apologise. I’d also like to welcome those of you who have joined this little band of brothers on here – greetings!
The new project, The Boom Band, is up and running with gigs & most pleasing of all an album under our belt… . My solo project under the auspices of Andy Lewis is in hiatus until Mr Weller releases his bass/cello player from touring duties!

News of upcoming gigs will follow shortly..

Boom Band @ The Half Moon 08/03/14

click here for tickets:–putney/

Boom Band clips!

Pre-order The Boom Band on vinyl!

Following last week’s tip-off re a new band project, I am delighted to announce that….oh, bugger that –  just read the flyer!!

The Boom Band