Ont’ Sofa seesion part two

Ont’ Sofa seesion part two

Recorded at GibsonUK last December


Acoustic Session for Ontsofa.com

Acoustic Session for Ontsofa.com

In what was pretty much my last musical act of 2012, I was invited to visit Gibson Uk in old London Town to record a short session for Ontsofa.com. For some reason I was particularly nervous (mid-afternoon, stone cold sober, time pressure!) and struggled to get the vibe on an original track. Had been playing around with Any Major Dude for fun at home & decided to give it a crack instead. Hope you like!

Boom Boom!

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The Boom Band CD Release

The Boom Band CD Release

The Boom Band & other assorted stuff..

It’s been a little while since I posted on here & for that I apologise. I’d also like to welcome those of you who have joined this little band of brothers on here – greetings!
The new project, The Boom Band, is up and running with gigs & most pleasing of all an album under our belt… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78CIceELZL8 . My solo project under the auspices of Andy Lewis is in hiatus until Mr Weller releases his bass/cello player from touring duties!

News of upcoming gigs will follow shortly..

Boom Band @ The Half Moon 08/03/14

click here for tickets: http://www.musicglue.com/half-moon-putney/events/8-mar-14-the-boom-band-half-moon–putney/


Boom Band clips!http://youtu.be/l9hs8ZwkYgQ

Pre-order The Boom Band on vinyl!

Following last week’s tip-off re a new band project, I am delighted to announce that….oh, bugger that –  just read the flyer!!

The Boom Band